Millstream Animal Shelter

Why Millstream?

We decided to help this small local shelter and from every item sold we will donate a portion of the money to feed the kitties they have there.

I visited Millstream for the first time a good few years ago. It melted my heart when I heard they don’t kill the kitties they can’t find a home for, they look after them instead. They gave me a tour of the shelter, it was a rainy, grey day and I could see they had lots of love for the animals but not a lot of money. I remember thinking that I wish I could do something to help them out.

The years passed, I moved from place to place and my life went on but I never forgot about Millstream. It always had a special place in my heart.


At the beginning of the year I got the idea for a kitty business and it all made perfect sense.

In May I took part in the Great Manchester Run and was able to raise some money Millstream. I kept on saying “I’m running for the kitties” with a big smile on my face. I raised £333 doing it. It wasn’t a lot but it was a start.

I visited the shelter again with my boyfriend this year in June. It was a warm sunny day this time and everything looked great. I was more than happy to see it. It was a heart-warming surprise. They even had a conservatory room for the elderly cats. It looked very warm and cosy! I’m sure all the cats are very happy in there. We met the eldest kitty that’s 18 years old and lived there her entire life. My heart melted again.

Now my goal and purpose is being able to help Millstream every month, so they can function and help all the cats as they do without any problems. Because all I’ve seen in there was happy and looked after animals and also people (workers and volunteers) with very big hearts and lots of love to give. They all deserve the best!