Our Story

Why Central Purr?

I’ll tell you my story and I think you’ll be able to understand…

I’ve loved cats for as long as I can remember. My first memory is of me playing with a gorgeous “furball” named Mika. Mika was my grandmothers cat and when I was 5 years old. I spent all summer looking after her at my grandmothers house. I stroked her, fed her, gave her milk (this was 28 years ago before it was more well known that cows milk is bad for cats and I was only a few years old)


One day my parents couldn’t find me and began frantically looking for me, the whole family was worried. They called my name but heard only silence. Finally they found me, asleep on the floor of the attic, together with Mika and her newborn kittens. I was cuddling up to them all in a ball of cat based bliss.

Throughout the years that followed I always dreamed of having my very own cat but my parents refused. Young and cat-less I began to feed all the kitties that passed my parent’s garden. I remember one special kitty in particular, she looked just like Mika and I noticed she was getting fat. It was a snowy winter at the time. It took me few weeks to realise she wasn’t fat but pregnant, and she looked like she didn’t have a home. Since I started feeding her she was constantly in our garden.

I begged my parents to take her home so she could have kittens in a warm place. This time they agreed but under one condition. Mama cat and her kittens would go to the milkman once they were old enough. I looked after them for 10 weeks, but then had to give them away as I promised. It was a sad day for me.


The years passed but my dream of owning a cat never stopped. However my parents still refused my request to add a furry member to the family. At the age of 14 I made a genius plan with my best friend Maggie. Without asking or telling my parents she brought me a little kitten for my birthday. Somehow it worked, although I remember my mum saying “Marta, if this kitten was at least pretty. She can’t even meow!”

It was the true what she said, but it didn’t matter to me. I had this little dirty kitten that was making soundless meows and I was the happiest person in the world. I loved it with all my heart.

Now I’m 33 years old. I live with my boyfriend and we have 3 beautiful cats. He’s allergic to cats and when his symptoms get worse I joke sometimes “just don’t make me choose” with a cheeky voice. But he never would, he knows how much they mean to me and he would never try to change it. We just need to make sure we are well stocked up with allergy tablets and we are very happy.
marta-millstreamNow do I still need to explain why we started Central Purr?

I’ll just say this, selling kitty related stuff and helping shelter cats at the same time makes me very happy. I love what I do because it has a bigger purpose and we get to help kitties that need help the most. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

With love,